What can be collected?

Please ensure that you only collect these listed recyclable materials in our bags! Our employees take great pains to separate and recycle them by hand every day.
Thank you for your consideration!

PET bottles




Ink & Toner





Plastic packaging


CDs & DVDs


Beverage cartons

Plastic bottles


White & steel sheet


films of all kinds





Electrical appliances




Coffee capsules

The separation of recyclables behind the scenes

Recycling yard

After the recyclable materials have been collected, they are transported to the Anton Saxer recycling center in Pratteln. It is important to us that you have the opportunity to find out what happens to your recyclables. Here we offer you a Visit, in which you can also follow the process from time to time.


In the recycling yard, the recycling bags are opened individually and by hand and their contents sorted according to recycling groups, in order to be forwarded to the respective Swiss buyer for subsequent recycling


We at Eco House Recycling are not the only ones involved in the separation of recyclables. We work closely with the Bürgerspital Basel and strive to offer people with physical disabilities due to the sorting activity a livelihood.


Eco House Recycling
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