Our business, Eco House Recycling, is a recycling service for private households firms and businesses.
We are committed to eradicating the guilty conscience for recycling improperly and we protect the most important
resource of our customers: time and energy.
By collecting materials and putting it next to the front door, you enable us to dispose of every cork, coffee capsule, and battery the right way. That way, everybody can do right by the environment.
Our team of three has been successfully expanding the business and we are constantly upskilling and developing our methods.



Administration & Customer support


Advisory Board & Communication


Logistics & Recycling



No more collecting for months and no more inconvenient and painstaking transport to remote waste management facilities.
With us you will save time and effort.


Proper disposal of recyclables and fewer rides to waste management facilities.
Through this overall concept we can do good for the environment.


Mountains of PET bottles, glass and old cans on our balconies

By using just one collection bag for all recyclable materials, we can say goodbye to untidy balconies and spaces.


Especially smaller recyclables often land in the regular garbage bin.
We dispose of them properly! Even Tetrapacks and plastic bags

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